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6 Things NOT to Do on Your First Cruise

Experienced cruisers may have a good laugh, but it’s no joke to the first-time cruiser when these “don’t do” disasters come between you and the perfect cruise.

Global Discovery Vacations has found some of the top tips for making your cruise experience the best!

6 Things NOT to Do on Your First Cruise

Don’t Exhaust Yourself the First Day: Keep calm and cruise on. Most mainstream cruise ships are bigger than you think, and even though it’s natural to want to see and do it all the first day, don’t wear yourself out.

Don’t Underestimate the Main Dining Room: Most major cruise lines have multiple for-fee specialty restaurants and while these restaurants can be fantastic, you could end up shelling out a lot more money. Plus, you risk missing some of the special items found in the ship’s main dining room.

Don’t Be a Cabin Potato: Be a Joiner! Get out of that cabin and off the lounge chair and check out as many on-board activities as you can. Even the cheesiest activities offer plenty of entertainment and it’s a great way to meet new people.

Don’t Neglect the Crew: Give your crew the royal treatment. These guys work hard for your enjoyment, so remember to smile at them and thank them for their hard work. You’ll be rewarded with personalized service, great conversation and a nicer overall experience.

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Don’t Over Pack: Leave room for souvenirs. You said you weren’t going to spend money on mementos, but you probably will. Save room in your suitcase or bring a collapsible bag to pack your new treasures in for the trip home.

Don’t Spend Your Life on Elevators: If you’re feeling fit, try to avoid using the elevators when possible. Lots of people will use them, and waiting for the elevator could cost you precious time that could be spent on something more fun. And hey, taking the stairs could help you keep off the extra pounds from the buffet.

It’s only your first cruise once – make it count by doing it right.

Do you have any useful cruising tips? Let us know in the comments below!

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