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Affordable Vacationing: Grocery Shopping

One of the many perks of staying in a condo is the ability to make your own tasty dinners, saving you money for all the other activities in the area. So we thought we’d share a few grocery shopping tips while traveling with Global Discovery Vacations!
Affordable Vacationing: Grocery Shopping

Plan Your Week
Taking time to plot your week of meals can save you $10 to $100, depending on the size of your party. It doesn’t sound like much, but that can amount to a souvenir or an amusement park ticket!

To plan, consider how long you are staying, how many people you are feeding and what kitchen supplies your unit has (cooking set-ups change by resort). Some resorts have grills on-site, which diversifies your meal choices. Once you get a good grasp on your situation, make an outline of meals for the week so that you don’t get too much, or not enough, of what you need.

Keep It Simple
Quick meals such as eggs, sandwiches and pasta are universal enough that you should be able to find them pretty much anywhere. Unless you are learning some new cooking tips from the locals, you probably won’t want to stray far from the tried and true because you are on vacation. And we can’t overstate the convenience of leftovers, so make that one night of cooking last as long as possible.

Hit the Local Farmer’s Market
Local produce is a great way to get a taste of the land and to make sure you’re eating fresh while on vacation. Fresh produce doesn’t have a long shelf life, which makes a one- or two-week stay the ideal time to take advantage of crisp, clean eating. Plus, it supports the local economy.

Wal-Mart Price Match
Wal-Mart has been pretty aggressive recently with its price matching strategy, which can be great for consumers. The Savings Catcher feature isn’t widely available yet, but you can still save with a little research. Find local grocery stores in person or online for their weekly ads, find the goods you want to purchase, and find their equivalents at Wal-Mart. They match all of their competitor’s prices, so you can get all the local specials at once!

We’ve talked before about how to save money when dining on vacation and you can save even more preparing your own meals, on vacation and at home. You can spend your money on food anywhere, but you can’t find special amusement parks, festivals and museums everywhere, so save your money for the good stuff!

What are your favorite dishes to make while on vacation? Share a recipe or tell us in the comments below!

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