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Avoiding Online Dating Scams

The BBB offers tips on how to avoid getting sucked in by a scammer in the online dating world.
Avoiding Online Dating Scams
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Jumping into the world of online dating can be fun and a little exciting as the proverbial sea full of eligible singles becomes a whole lot bigger. Online dating is very popular right now and there are plenty of love matches that have come from folks meeting on the internet. However, it isn’t without its risks. A relationship may start out so right with private emails that lead to phone calls and eventually a meeting in person. The actual meeting part is about the only way you will ever know who you are truly chatting with.

There are plenty of people who have targeted those who use online dating as a way to run scams. These scams typically involve a person asking another for money for some reason or another. The request for money comes after the scammer has built up a relationship and pulled on the heartstrings of the victim.

You can avoid getting scammed by never sending money to anybody you don’t know. Don’t give out credit card information or other information that is too personal in nature. If the person you are “dating” seems to always busy or traveling outside of the country and never has the time to meet in person, you are probably dealing with a scammer or at the very least a person who isn’t being completely honest about who they are.

Also avoid catfishing scams that include clicking on links to third-party sites. These links could end up infecting your computer with some type of malware and your information could be stolen. Good luck in the online dating world and be cautious.

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