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Award winning Dubai hotel, the Burj Al Arab

Visiting the exotic and iconic structures of Dubai

Award winning Dubai hotel, the Burj Al Arab
Burj Al Arab photo by Alexander Souri

Visiting Dubai, The United Arab Emirates sounds like an absolutely enthralling way to spend some quality vacation time.  I guess for a woman who mostly travels alone, it can appear a bit scary especially when you hear stories that if you are a woman and you are raped in Dubai you can go to prison for 16 months as set by legal precedence in this city that has some strict rules.

 Having sex outside of the confines of marriage is illegal, but only if you are female, because there are many prostitutes trafficked to this city and men do not go to jail for having sex with them. I would not attempt to inflict any American Feminist ideology in this city, you are just not going to win, but, anyhow, you may still have a really great time there if you follow some simple rules.  You need to play by their rules in the Middle East if you want to stay out of jail, just keep a low profile and treat it like a game.

 With advice from the www.expatwoman.com website this is the advice for a woman traveling in Dubai, “Dubai has a dress code based on respect for the culture and religion of the UAE. It is not hard to follow and will make your visit/ stay here a more pleasant one and will help you avoid causing any of the many nationalities here any offence. In a nutshell whilst you are out in public you should have everything from your shoulders to knees covered- which is not hard to do! You should also not wear clothing that is too tight or see through. Cleavage should also be covered as much as possible.

In order to keep the peace with all the middle eastern laws, dress very conservatively, only wear a bathing suit at on the beach and cover up once you come out of the water, this is not a place to stroll around in a bathing suit or tank top dress that shows a lot of skin. Cover the shoulders and your legs down to your knees.

There is amazing shopping and malls and desert tours for tourists so there is plenty to do and see here.  There is even an indoor skiing facility as the weather in Dubai is mostly very hot.  Dubai has a very tropical and arid climate for about eight months out of the year.  It can be pleasant for the months from October to April sort of like Florida, with some chilly nights (like 50 degrees at night in February).

Even indoors women should always follow along with the precedent of dressing conservatively and just try to blend in with all the other women locals.  People from over 200 nationalities live in Dubai and they all seem to do it rather well.

One of the most exotic and unique structures in the world happens to be in Dubai.  It is the Burj Al Arab resort and hotel in Dubai and it is an unbelievably beautiful and unique building.  The average price for a room per night is about $1600.00.  Heinrich Morro is the General manager of the iconic hotel and he can be reached at 971 4 301 7777.

The hotel has 202 luxurious duplex suites.  Personalized butler service is available with your stay at the hotel.  There are eight world class restaurants and bars.  There are four swimming pools, two are indoors and two are outdoors.  There is also a private beach for the hotel.

This hotel has been given four awards, the2012 Ultra Travel award as the best hotel in the Middle East, The World Travel award in 2012 as Dubai’s leading hotel, World travel award in 2012 as the Middle East’s leading all-suite hotel and DestinAsian 2012 reader’s choice award gave it the best hotel and resort in Dubai.


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