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BBB Urges Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Step Up Data Security

Small and medium-sized businesses need to step up their security when it comes to customer information.
BBB Urges Small and Medium-Sized Businesses to Step Up Data Security
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You have probably heard the news about the major security breach that happened at Target stores during the busiest retail season of the year. Because of that, the Better Business Bureau is issuing some strong warnings to small and medium-size business. These businesses need to take the Target situation seriously and examine their own data security. Customers are paying a lot more attention to security measures before giving out any information.

The BBB has a few tips to help out those businesses that could be at risk and not even realize it.

*Take a good hard look at the type of data that is collected and stored by the business. From there, the exact type of security should be determined. The more personal and private the information the higher the security level needs to be.  Management will need to have a conversation with employees to ensure they understand how sensitive the information is.

*Businesses need to be aware of where the information is stored and who all has access to it. If things like tablets are used, security measures need to be in place to be sure the access is restricted. Take a close look at each person who has access to the data and how secure it is.

*If you find the security is lacking, it is imperative you find a way to increase the security without blowing the budget. Think of ways the business can keep a tighter control on security without adding any undue expenses.

*Write a security policy that is discussed with each employee. The policy should include all of the security protocols the company has established.

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