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Condominium Tips from Global Discovery Vacations Members

Tips on traveling from actual Global members!

Condominium Tips from Global Discovery Vacations Members

You’ve just confirmed the details of your first travel club vacation, paused your newspaper subscription and packed your bags. You’re ready to go, right? Not so fast! If this is your first time vacationing at a condo there may be a few things you might not have thought of. We took to our Facebook page to ask the seasoned members of Global Discovery Vacations what lessons they’ve learned on their travels. Read on to discover their top tips.

When planning, be flexible, with your destination. If you can’t get the one you want, take your next choice. No matter where you go, it is a vacation – enjoy and put it on your list of “places I’ve been”. We have never had a bad vacation, only some are better than others. We always drive to our destinations, so we are able to take an everything box – all the things we have bought out of need/want on previous trips. Items like salt & pepper, coffee filters, aluminum foil, plastic cups to enjoy beverages outside, etc. I always take pre-measured laundry soap, as  you can take less clothing when you know you can do laundry. Use Restaurant.com for bargains on places to eat that you might otherwise pass up. If you are new to condo traveling you will wonder why you waited so long to give it a try. Have fun and enjoy. Carol M. 

Pack light. Everything you need is there! If you want a relaxing time or an adventure; it’s all there within steps from your vacation room. JoAnn B.

I like to get the full travel experience by eating the local foods. Whether the food is cooked at the condo or out at a restaurant doesn’t matter to me. Variety is the spice of life. Lizzy T.

Call the condo ahead of time and ask in detail what is provided, as each has their own idea of what “fully included” means. Some provide soap and towels, while others provide shampoo, body lotions, dish soap, etc. Also, do research online about the area, such as where the condo is located in relation to what you want to do. When you get there, don’t be shy, ask the locals what they recommend. Above all, relax, and enjoy the adventure. Jeri Roberts 

Make packing lists. They usually stay pretty consistant. Hang it on the refrigerator and reuse it, adding miscellaneous items as needed. Misty H.

Bring along some basic spices. The best part of a condo is doing some good cooking of your own. The kitchens are often nicely stocked with pots and pans, but not usually spices. Nicole U.

When we are traveling by car, we take a small non-stick pan and spatula for breakfast eggs and omelets. We plan for breakfasts and simple dinners in and lunches out as we are usually sightseeing during the days. If we are going where there is a mini-kitchen, we always take our George Foreman grill. When going for multiple weeks we also pack a plastic bin with staple items (including baggies for snacks, aluminum foil, Saran wrap, coffee, tea, sugar, spices) so we can do some cooking. It’s also fun to bring some family games for when weather is bad. Edith K.

Always check the details listed for the condo. There are certain amenities that we like to have when planning a trip. For example, we really like having a washer and dryer in the condo. Planning before you get there will save you a lot of time when you get there. Jeremy R.

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