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Cool and Helpful Websites for Travelers

A traveler is only as good as his tools: accommodations, transportation, luggage, etc. One could argue that the most important tool for a traveler is information. And yet, there are so many unknown facets of travel that people don’t have in their toolbox.

But thanks to some innovative websites, your travels can be much more immersive than you originally intended. From ways to fill out your itinerary or tips on how to save money on your next Global Discovery Vacations vacation, check out these helpful tools specifically for travelers.

Cool and Helpful Websites for Travelers

Air Wander

Image credit: AirWander.com.

This handy site shows you stopover cities en route to your final destination that can save you money on flights. As an experiment, I typed in my departing airport (Kansas City) and then my destination (Portland). Normally, flights would cost me a minimum of $300-$400. But this site suggests that if I stay a day in Las Vegas, I can find flights at half the price. This makes it easy to put a vacation within a vacation.

Find Your Park

When you add up the national parks, monuments, forests, historical sites and more, our National Park Service has landmarks all over the country worth exploring. This site shows you everything around you, even points of interest you might not have known existed. Not every state has a national park, but there might be history worth exploring in your own backyard.


Flight cancellations and delays are a bummer for any trip. Though the airline may give you a voucher for a future flight, this app will make sure you get the compensation you deserve and explain your rights as a passenger. This also applies to luggage problems and getting bumped from a flight, which is a hot topic these days.


Image credit: Trover.com.

We love Pinterest for vacation itinerary purposes, but Trover is much more intuitive for travelers. You simply type in a destination to their search bar and you’re greeted with incredible images from that area. The site has in-depth sorting and quality descriptions from fellow travelers, so this is a great way to see a destination before you go.


This Q&A forum is a great resource if you need specific travel advice. Simply ask any kind of question, such as restaurant recommendations for a certain area, flying advice or hidden gems. Local citizens and travel professionals are happy to chime in.

Decision Data

Image credit: DecisionData.org.

Weather is unpredictable from day to day, so knowing what to expect several months out for your vacation can be a gamble. But by using temperature and precipitation averages throughout the years, this tool can give you a good feel of which destinations fit your desired travel dates. Just set your date and fiddle with the temperature settings to see the ideal locations plotted on the map.


Of course TripAdvisor. For condo travel, it has perhaps the most consistent amount of information on one place: condo reviews and photos, attraction and restaurant suggestions, plus various rankings and articles to help streamline your itinerary.


Image credit: GasBuddy.com.

Gas prices fluctuate almost as much as the weather, so pinpointing gas stations with the lowest pricing is an economical idea, especially for long road treks. The site is pretty straightforward: Put in your location and see the prices pop up. There’s even an app for when you’re on the go!

We hope you find some of these websites useful – just remember to bookmark the ones that are!

What sites do you use to assist in your travels?

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