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Culinary Collection Cruises are Here to Whisk You Away

Out of all of the attractions you can enjoy on a cruise, there is one activity you’ll always make time for: eating.

Food is mainstay for gathering and socializing, whether you’re at home, at a restaurant or en route to your next off-shore excursion. Food can also be an attraction all on its own, which is why the Culinary Collection cruises are themed for everyone’s palate.

Culinary Collection Cruises are Here to Whisk You Away

A Buffet of Experiences

These culinary-themed cruises give you epicurean delicacies made by world-class chefs. When you book one of these cruises with a Global Connections Inc. travel agent, you’ll get a buffet of experiences to add a little more spice to your trip:

  • Cooking classes on board and on shore.
  • Wine and spirit tastings.
  • Authentic meals highlighting the regional cuisine.
  • Some cruise lines offer onboard credit.
  • These cruises can also coincide with Distinctive Voyages, giving you even more bonus amenities.

Your Sailing Sampler Platter

With 10 popular cruise lines, such as Holland America Line and Celebrity Cruises, each one has something different depending on the destination, so check out the brochure to help you pick out the right one. Here’s a little sampler:

  • In Greek mythology, wine was held to such high esteem that it was considered a gift from the gods. Oceania Cruises takes you to the island of Greece for a history lesson of Dionysus and her magic potion.
  • Avalon partnered with Europe’s own Wrenkh brothers, specializing in healthy, guiltless indulgences. The freshest, most nutritious and tastiest foods will be on hand, so you can enjoy the menu to your heart’s content.
  • If you want to see food as a work of art, sail with Celebrity Cruises for their visual and culinary masterpieces. Their chefs essentially make edible 3-D art.

Food is the universal language. Even if you can’t speak Italian, you can probably speak linguini. There are few ways more enjoyable to get a taste of culture than with a meal made from professionals and in the land in which it originated. This is what makes the Culinary Collection so appetizing.

You can’t find these cruise listings on booking sites, so call your travel agent today at 855-999-7654 if you’re up for some good eats on the high seas.

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