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Destination Guide: Lake Tahoe

Notable Cities: Reno, Stateline, Carson City, Olympic Valley


If you think that Las Vegas is the hub of all the thrills and entertainment in Nevada, little brothers Reno and Lake Tahoe are here to blow you away with action. Nevada is the midst of a Renossance and the Reno/Tahoe area is as enticing to travelers as it has ever been. This destination pulses with activity without being overwhelming and the well-balanced natural landscape nearby provides a quick escape.

Destination Guide: Lake Tahoe

Must-See Attractions

'This quiet cove on Lake Tahoe is away from the population and activity areas.' - Member Dale R.

“This quiet cove on Lake Tahoe is away from the population and activity areas.” – Member Dale R.

Lake Tahoe
Listing this is almost cheating since Lake Tahoe contains all sorts of attractions within itself, but there is so much variety, it was hard to narrow all the goodies down. The lake is a whopping 72 miles around, 22 miles long, and 12 miles wide. Have fun perusing the beaches, trails and mountains, not to mention the man-made attractions.

Perched on the shore of Emerald Bay sits a historic mansion called Vikingsholm, a nice place to tour and see some of the surrounding wildlife. Meanwhile, the mountains feature some wonderful skiing and snowboarding trails, so check out the opportunities at resorts such as Heavenly Mountain or Mount Rose. Oh, and you must grab a signature Rum Runner at the Beacon Bar and Grill. We’ve barely scratched the surface of Lake Tahoe’s diverse ecosystem, natural or not, so let the good times roll. Speaking of…

Photo credit: VisitRenoTahoe.com.

Photo credit: VisitRenoTahoe.com.

Reno, less than an hour north of Lake Tahoe, prides itself on being the Biggest Little City in the World. Right when you fly or drive into town, you’ll probably wonder if you accidentally stumbled into Las Vegas. The slots, lights and ceaseless nightlife are all part of Reno’s fabric, making it a terrific counterpart to the slopes and forests around Lake Tahoe. Try your luck at Atlantis, Eldorado, or Peppermill Casino, just to name a few. Living up to its nickname, this little city has big city soul.

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Hot air balloons gather for the Great Reno Balloon Race. Photo credit: VisitRenoTahoe.com

Hot air balloons gather for the Great Reno Balloon Race. Photo credit:VisitRenoTahoe.com.


Photo courtesy of member Michele Y.

Photo courtesy of member Michele Y.

  • You think of Nevada as a giant desert, but much of Sierra Nevada mountain range has snow for half of the year.
  • Los Angeles, California, is actually east of Tahoe/Reno.
  • Reno used to be the gambling capital of the United States, believe it or not. The 1960s uprising of Las Vegas changed that distinction, but Reno is still one of the finest gambling cities you can find.

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