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Don’t Let Security Lines Hinder Your Vacation

How early do you arrive at the airport before your flight? One hour? Two, just to be safe? But three would seem excessive and a waste of time. Right? But that’s what Chicago’s two main airports, Midway and O’Hare, are asking of passengers.
Don’t Let Security Lines Hinder Your Vacation

That’s the most extreme example of security lines across the country growing to unsustainable lengths, causing many passengers to miss flights. With the mix of affordable airfare, fewer TSA Agents and the response to the Brussels attacks, it appears longer lines were an inevitability. Summer travel is only going to make it worse.

Last week, my wife went on a business trip, showing up an hour before her flight took off (this is not outrageous for Kansas City’s airport). However, she encountered one hitch after another and an uncharacteristically long security line, arriving at the gate only after it had closed. They let her on, which I’m sure the other passengers appreciated.

I didn’t give her the benefit of the doubt at first. I’m an early bird, so my response to her story was an unsympathetic, ‘You should have arrived earlier.’ But after seeing all of these news stories about the state of the security line, this seems like a nationwide concern.

The situation is so bad that one U.S. senator gave the head of the TSA an ultimatum: Fix it by Memorial Day or resign.

The TSA is attempting to do what it can by expediting the hiring process for officers and asking Congress for financial help. While that sorts itself out, if you plan on traveling, make extra time so you don’t miss your flight. It’ll help if you know how to breeze through TSA lines as well.

By the sound of it, you’re going to need that vacation once you make it past security.

Have you experienced longer lines than usual at your airport? Feel free to give us your input on the comments below.

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