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Exploring Seattle's Pike Place Market

After a visit to the Pike Place Market where tourists and locals both gather, you will have a true sense of the city.
Exploring Seattle
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Washington's vibrant Seattle is a mix of modern and natural serenity amongst towering buildings and trees on rolling hills. It is most often identified by the sky reaching Space Needle of postcards and key chains that offers breathtaking panoramic views of the city. At the top of this attraction, you can eat fresh straight from the water cuisine whilst sipping on local wine. While this tourist destination is a must see, Seattle's Pike Place Market offers a day of adventures as well and is not to be overlooked.


Pike Place Market contains sellers of freshly caught sea food, artisan crafted goods, and fresh local produce. The vendors will summon you into the open market whose walkways lead you to the belly of this bustling gathering place where it is warmer and there are boutique and specialty stores such as magic and fair trade shops. Even in the cold, rainy weather that is typical of Seattle, you will be tempted to spend time outdoors listening to musicians and chatting at stalls with vendors about their creative genius. Items such as a copper claw head massager will catch your attention. It increases blood flow to the brain causing a tingling sensation and releasing endorphins in your body. You will find yourself humming with pleasure as you move it through your hair to give it a try. Magicians actively participate with visitors doing various tricks that will keep you entertained and have you scratching your head. Magicians usually never tell their secrets, but these ones offer up theirs at a price.


A hot cup of Starbucks coffee will keep you warm until you get inside. The world famous coffee actually originated in Seattle in 1971. The 102 Pike Place Starbucks is a cafe built sustainably and with old fashioned charm. You might be tempted to munch on sweets and treats with all the aromas wafting to you from outside. The only difficulty will be choosing which one. It is best to eat something before you enter the fish market which may make you loose your appetite as fish fly through the air, the product of a daily, lively packaging ritual that workers take pride in each time a person buys a fish.


Just under the market, you will be further intrigued by the Market Theater Gum Wall located on Post Alley, which also happens to be the first stop on the Pike Place Market ghost tour that starts at Ghost Alley Espresso. This spooky tour will tell you the history of the area with a gory twist. The key to surviving it is more coffee, which really should be your motto while you are in Seattle. It is rare you will see a local not walking around with a coffee mug as these eco-friendly Seattlelites are also focused on reusing instead of waste. After a visit to the Pike Place Market where tourists and locals both gather, you will have a true sense of the city located on the water that you tend to miss out on sitting at the top of the Space Needle, which few locals have ever been to the top of.



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