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Global Discovery Vacations Review: Skiing in Sun Valley, ID, “To Die For”

Global Discovery Vacations member Steve B. might have a new favorite skiing spot: Sun Valley, Idaho. This being his second time in the area, see why Steve vows to return after staying at Elkhorn in this week’s Member Monday.
Global Discovery Vacations Review: Skiing in Sun Valley, ID, “To Die For”

Where would you recommend a fellow member to go to…
There were many fine eating establishments, but I also brought food for when I called it a day after skiing.

Have fun/attractions:
The locals talked about all the great fishing, hiking and outdoor activities in the area. While cross-country skiing, I went through some of the area full of streams and wildlife.

What was your favorite…
Resort/Condo Amenity:
The condo was a five-star all the way, along with plenty of room. The staff bent over backwards to make sure I was taken care of. The condo had many supplies that lasted the week.

Place to go in the destination:
Sun Valley, Idaho, is a place that will give you a challenge you’ll remember the rest of your life. For those of you that ski, there are no sleeper runs.

When you start at the bottom of the hill, you look up and get a tear in your eye. When you get to the top, you look down and get a tear in each eye. After that, it is all smiles.

Global Discovery Vacations member Steve B. sporting green for St. Patrick's Day.

“I was the only one in green. No one knew it was St. Patty’s week in Sun Valley. I still looked cool. Didn’t I?” – Member Steve B.

Why did you choose this destination? Were you traveling for a special occasion?
It was St. Patrick’s Day week. This is the second time I’ve skied Sun Valley and I will make it a third.

What was your favorite memory of your vacation?
The cross-county skiing was to die for. A golf course on the edge of town has some groomed trails that had a 5K and 8K (blue runs) and one had a black run, which I never went near.

Any tips for a traveler going to this resort or destination? Anything you think they should bring?
The locals were very helpful with giving advice on the area, such as where the good hot springs are and the best cross country skiing.

About you

How long have you been a Global Discovery Vacations member?
I have been a Global Discovery Vacations member for years. My wife Kathy and I have always found what we were looking for and if we hit a snag, Global takes over and fixes it for the two of us.

Why did you join the club?
When we joined the club, part of us were expecting a shoe to drop and to hear the words “Surprise, we’re not going to do what we said we were.” We have never even come close to hearing that nasty statement. It is like we are on a smooth-sailing journey with Global. Thank you.

How many trips have you taken using your membership?
We have used the membership every year but one. That is because we used our credits early. I do find now that for skiing, I can use my 60-days-or-less Expressways. For the sunny vacations, I get on that right away.

Photos courtesy of member Steve B.

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