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Global VIP Headliner Frankie Valens Ready for Good Times in Alaska

You may know oldies crooner Frankie Valens for his renditions of classic songs many of us grew up on, which include “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” and “This Magic Moment.” Decades later, he’s still belting the hits, which is why we’re excited to have the man himself highlight our 7-Day Global VIP Cruise to Alaska!
Global VIP Headliner Frankie Valens Ready for Good Times in Alaska

Set to sail this summer (July 23-July 30), this cruise is a great opportunity for travelers to not only see the spectacular glacial formations and fjords of Alaska, but to have great entertainment on board as well. Frankie is thrilled to set sail, so we spoke with him about the upcoming cruise and what guests can expect.

GDV: What can people expect from your concerts on a cruise?

Frankie: It’s like getting Frankie Valens unplugged. I’ve become very personable with the crowd. I’ll sing old hits and other songs that were popular in the 1960s and 1970s. Anyone can ask questions, get to know me one-on-one and get an autograph.

My wife is a concert pianist. In fact, we sing some of the oldies together. She wasn’t raised with the oldies music, but she’s come to embrace it. There are several songs we do, such as “Sugartime” and “To Know Him Is to Love Him.”

It’s going to be a fun time and people are going to be excited, not only because of the oldies music, but because of the cruise. Just being on a cruise is good enough, but going up to Alaska makes it even more exciting.

GDV: What are your favorite songs to play?

Frankie: People love to hear my sing “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.” I helped make that popular in the late 60s and early 70s. “This Magic Moment,” “Rockin’ Robin” and all those songs from the past. I do 150-200 songs, so there are so many to choose from. People will get a chance to hear all different styles from that era.

Come expecting to have a good time, leave your troubles behind. If you don’t dance, just sit and listen. You aren’t required to do anything. If you sing along, make sure you sing in key! We’re concentrating on having good, clean fun – and there’s a difference.

GDV: What kind of responses do you get from fans?

Frankie: Every time I’m in a dinner theater or a state fair, I see all ages. It attracts young and old alike because I sing all kinds of music and all sorts of genres. There are pop songs, ballads and songs they can dance to. They just have a good ol’ time!

My wife and I are very energetic and love to meet people. They tell me where they were when they first heard a song. They say, ‘You kept me going through some of the roughest times in my life.’ Many people consider me an icon – I don’t feel that now – but people remember where they were when they heard those songs.

GDV: How are you still able to perform after 50-plus years?

Frankie: What? I thought you were my friend! (Laughs). Part of if it is that I don’t smoke and I’ve never taken drugs. I don’t drink either, so the Lord has blessed my voice. I still have the high vocals left from when I was younger. I may be over 70, but I still have the voice. If I feel my voice is going, then I’ll quit. I do have grey hair now, so if you come expecting a young man, forget it!

This cruise sails on the Crown Princess, seen here in Glacier Bay, Alaska. Courtesy of Princess cruises. Departs 

GDV: What do you like about performing on a cruise?

Frankie: It’s a relaxing time for me because we travel so much and I’m with so many people all the time. On a ship, you don’t have to travel because you’re there already. You just get to have fun. It’s like a vacation for me too, even though I’m singing. But for me, it’s not work. I love to sing, I love to entertain and I love to be with the people. We can just have a good ol’ time. Forget about the past, live in the moment and enjoy being on the cruise.

GDV: What are group cruises like?

Frankie: We’ve been to a cruise before, but to the Caribbean where we also sang. You’ll love the fellowship of the people, the amazing food and seeing the sights when you’re off the ship. It’s hard to believe how much fun you can have on a cruise. We have a dynamite time.

GDV: Have you ever been to Alaska before?

Frankie: Yes, I flew up there several years ago to do a concert at a church. We flew from Las Vegas to Seattle and on to Anchorage. I saw a little bit of the area, but not a whole lot. I did see some glaciers and moose in the wild.

This rockin’ cruise departs from Seattle and takes you through some scenic stops: Ketchikan, Juneau and Skagway. Not to mention the private show starring Frankie Valens, cocktail and dinner parties, and much more all hosted by Global Connections Inc.

To see the full list of perks and trip itinerary, visit our website.

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