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How to Stay Up to Date With GDV On Facebook

Facebook is yet again changing what you see in your news feed, and it will make it harder for you to see posts from pages like Global Discovery Vacations.

But we don’t want you to miss out! So if you want to stay on top of travel tips, Member Mondays and any specials or new resorts, you’ll just have to modify a couple settings:

How to Stay Up to Date With GDV On Facebook

“See First” in News Feed


The drop-down box gives you the option to see more posts and/or receive notifications.

  • Go to the Global Discovery Vacations Facebook page.
  • Computer Users: You should see a “Liked” button on the cover photo (if you just see “Like,” that means you haven’t liked our page yet!). Hover your mouse over the arrow and make sure that “See First” is check marked.


  • Mobile Device Users: You should see a “Following” button with a little arrow next to it. Click that, and the “See First” option should pop up.

Get Notifications

Using the same process above, you will see this option below the “See First” setting. If you want a notification any time we post something, feel free to check “All On” under “Notifications.” You can modify this setting by clicking the pencil icon, choosing to get an alert any time we post a photo, link, video, event or status update.

Create a List

Search your friends and pages to add to the list.

This is not the easiest method, but there is potential here reminiscent of Twitter lists. On the left side of Facebook’s home feed, you’ll see a section called “Interests.” This is basically a custom feed you can use for friends and pages you’re following if you want to focus on a particular group or topic.

  • To begin, click the “Interests” section in the sidebar and then “Add Interests” at the top of the next screen.
  • Click “Create List:”
  • A screen will come up and you can add any friends or pages to the list. Select the pages you want in the feed:
  • Voila! Anytime you need specific news or updates, just visit the list that you made from your Image Tab on your Home page!

If you like a page on Facebook, we think you deserve to stay informed! We appreciate all the support from our members and, as always, if there is anything you wish to see discussed on our blog or elsewhere, let us know in the comments!

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