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JetBlue Is Truly The Only Way to Fly

JetBlue, the obvious travel choice

JetBlue Is Truly The Only Way to Fly
Photo Credit: JetBlue

Traveling in general is extremely stressful, especially if the means by which you’re doing so is flying. Air travel is the most stressful and trying times of any trip, including a vacation or honeymoon. In fact, flying is the one part of a vacation or trip that no one enjoys.

There are so many things to take into consideration when it comes to flying such as making sure you have a ride to the airport, you have your bags all packed with the proper travel size bottles of course, you have to get to the airport with enough time to allow for check-in and going through security. Again, it is a very stressful time.

Once you’ve arrived at the airport and have gone through security your next step is finding your gate and boarding the plane, so which airline are you going to be traveling on? There are so many to choose between Delta, Virgin America, American Airlines, US Air, United, JetBlue to a variety of others that are not quite as commercially known.

If you’re looking to spend the least amount of money then you might want to fly Delta, American, US Air or United however, you won’t get the same experience, as you would if you flew say, Virgin America or JetBlue. Sure you’ll spend a lot more money but don’t forget JetBlue has in-flight entertainment, better legroom and a much lower crash percentage.

Although they do not fly to as many destinations as Delta, they are one of the most reliable and seemingly one of the safest airlines out there. 

This writer is not a frequent flyer however, she has flown to many destinations on JetBlue including Orlando, Florida, Chicago, Illinois and Los Angeles, California, a trip she took almost every weekend in 2010 and each and every flight was on JetBlue.

The in-flight entertainment is of course, a brilliant selling point however; it is not the main reason JetBlue was the obvious choice. After doing much research it was found that this particular airline had the best safety record since it was one of the newest airlines, and this was key for a very nervous flyer.

Each flight taken on a JetBlue plane has been a seamless transition from check-in to security and getting to one’s final destination. The flight attendants, despite some bad press, were wonderful on each flight and their in-flight entertainment helped divert the attention off the occasional but rare turbulence.

Although it is up to each individual which airline they choose to fly this writer highly recommends spending a few extra dollars and getting a seat aboard a JetBlue aircraft.

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