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Look before You Book: Don’t Assume All Amenities are Alike

Several years of condominium vacationing can make you accustomed to certain standards: full kitchens, king beds and balconies, among other features. But as you may already know, all condos are not made the same.

That’s why it’s important to first read all of the provided information – resort amenities, special conditions, unit features – before booking a condo. Here are the details you should look for when planning your next Global Discovery Vacations stay.

Look before You Book: Don’t Assume All Amenities are Alike

Full vs. Partial Kitchen

Depending on the resort, units can have a partial kitchen or a full kitchen, even if it’s not a studio. One of the main draws of a condo is the dining aspect, so know the kitchen/eating area situation before heading in.

Ocean View vs. Oceanfront

We’ve gone over the differences before, but remember that ocean view means you can see the ocean from your room, oceanfront means that you are located right by the ocean.

Max Occupancy vs. Comfort

If a unit can sleep four, six or eight, note the bed situation. Some units will have any combination of king/queen/full-size beds, air mattresses and pull-out couches, and often times you won’t know the layout until you arrive. Adult-only groups will want to determine if they will be comfortable or if they need to book an additional room. Traveling with kids makes the sleeping situation much more feasible since they are smaller and adapt well to any type of bed.

Air Conditioning

Some resorts don’t have air conditioning for various reasons usually associated with the climate. If you’re traveling during an exceptionally warm time, make note of the A/C situation to pack accordingly. For more information, check out our detailed article on resorts without A/C.

One or the Other

For units listed as TBA or TBD, you can encounter an either/or listing for a unit feature. For example, the unit will have either a partial or a full kitchen; a balcony or a patio. In this scenario, the resort will let you know of your condo’s amenities when you check-in. This is yet another reason why you need to reconfirm before your stay.

Please keep in mind that Global Discovery Vacations does not dictate the layout or amenities of a resort or condominium. We do however list the need-to-know information about a condo on our website, so you have all the resources you need to make an educated decision before you book.

What features do you look for when booking a condo? Let us know in the comments below.

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