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Money Access While Traveling

Making sure you have enough money and access to emergency funds is imperative when you are on vacation.

Money Access While Traveling
Vacation Money Access
Traveler’s checks: these are a good idea to have while traveling on the road, but carry only up to eight hundred dollars.  Why?  There is a one percent service charge to use them.  

ATMs: place most of your money in an interest-producing savings or checking account that is joined with an ATM card, so interest would continue being earned until the cash is withdrawn.  Bear in mind that since ATM's carry fees with them to use, try to find a bank that offers a very cheap fee to use (like fifty cents to a dollar each transaction).  

Telephone calling card: you may purchase one of these from Sprint, MCI, AT&T, etc.  Some companies will allow the buyer to bill telephone calls to a personal account.  It is important to side-step huge rates charged by anonymous long-distance businesses. 

Credit cards:  these cards are super convenient for travelers (and non-travelers).  A person doesn’t have to worry about carrying a lot of unnecessary cash, and it seems like nirvana with the extended credit limits.  Be sure to carry three cards; one card to be used for expenses, the other for making reservations at hotels or borrowing cars, and the third for emergencies only.  

Be sure the third card doesn’t have a credit limit; many credit cards may be utilized to take out cash from ATMs.  Bear in mind that withdrawals for cash from charge cards usually come with a cash-advance fee tagged to it (anywhere from one to three percent of the total amount taken from the account). 

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