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Portland's Andina Restaurant: Inspiration to Visit Peru

Andina offers more than orgasmic food and an ethnically rich setting; it takes you directly to Peru.
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     If you are looking for creative cuisine that will make a food connoisseur's mouth water, look no further than Portland, Oregon. This beautiful American city's restaurants make international flavors with their own unique flare. Here, eating is about having fun just as much as it is about the food which means those in the kitchen are coming up with some of the most creative unsuspecting dishes for taste sensations that are out of this world. Parking lots have been taken over by foot carts with cuisines from all parts of the globe. Indian, Moroccan, Ethiopian, Argentinean, and you name it, you can find it all in one place giving fine dining restaurants a run for their money. However, there is one Peruvian restaurant in the heart of the city off of NW Glisan that makes any others in this food mecca pale in comparison.


     Andina is a treasure of cultural delights that has been blessing Portland with its presence since 2003 when it was first opened. Walking into the restaurant, you are greeted nightly by live music that takes you off to Peru in this family owned restaurant that has touches of a Peruvian home. The restaurant is a labor of love for its owner Peter Platt whose Peruvian heritage started with the union of his American father, John Platt, and Peruvian mother, Doris Rodriguez de Platt, who can often be seen in the restaurant talking with diners. To your right, a lively bar setting is the center stage for the vibrant music. In front of you, one can see the bustling team of chefs and cooks that are the creative hands behind the orgasmic dishes that await you. On the left, you can see a more family friendly setting of reserved seating with warm tones and red and yellow accents. You can look down from the open balcony to another terrace-like level characterized by romantic two person nook tables hidden in corners. Down below, the music is softer and the lights dimmed.


     If the setting is not incredible enough, than the food will surely have you reeling in pleasure. Start yourself off with a traditional Peruvian Pisco Sour, a cocktail made of pisco alcohol, fresh lime juice, bitters, and whipped egg whites while savoring deep fried yucca dipped in colorful sauces with flavors such as passion fruit and habañero. You will die and go to heaven eating the favorite pan seared yellowfin tuna with its incredible complement of a cape gooseberry-ají amarillo sauce that is absolutely incredible. There is no way you will be able to resist, despite being on the verge of fullness, a sweet taste of dessert. Sip on a cafe while enjoying the rich and complex textural pleasure sensation of fried ice cream covered in quinoa and crushed peanuts and surrounded by figs soaked in a raw sugar-honey sauce with hints of orange and the creamy afterthoughts of whipped goat cheese. You will not want to leave this magical setting that transports you to another time and place and makes you dream of Machu Picchu.




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