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Red Bull Athlete and Dad of Twins Shares 5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

Traveling with kids in tow is a challenge, even for Red Bull Ski Cross athlete Daron Rahlves. As the most decorated downhiller in the history of US skiing, he travels — a lot. And this family man takes his wife and kids with him around the world. Over the years he’s learned a few things, so we wanted to know how he does it.

This champion is sharing his top five tips for alleviating stress when traveling with the kids with Global Discovery Vacations members just in time for Father’s Day. In his own words:

Red Bull Athlete and Dad of Twins Shares 5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

1. Travel tips with family over the holidays: Don’t go! Just kidding! Those busy times I try to give us plenty of time traveling.  If flying, it’s smart to give yourself a little extra time to prepare for the unexpected. When traveling on my own, I’m efficient and have my program dialed in. But with the family I give myself more of a time cushion.

2Double check the essentials and go through all the things for the family that you can’t travel without. My number one is everyone’s passports or ID.

3Plan ahead with snacks and entertainment. My wife and I will make sure our 8-year-old twins have their own backpack with their essentials that will keep them busy and make time go by quicker: books, music/video device (as in an iPad with headphones), art supplies, water and simple snacks. Our kids, and us adults, like gummy bears, gum and peanut butter pretzels.

4It’s key to go with the flow and not get worked up if things go wrong, like missing a connection. Make sure to have the airline’s customer service number in your phone in case you do miss a flight. This way, you can beat others in rebooking another connection because there will always be someone in front of your at the customer service desk.

5. We travel by car a few times each year from Tahoe to Encinitas, California. I’ve got the gas stops down and one place to stop to eat. If all goes smooth, we are on the road to get to the destination. With that in mind, food in the car to eat for all and a Red Bull to keep me energized makes for a safe and easy drive.

Next time you get your wings to travel, keep Daron’s tips in mind. If you have any advice to add, please do so in the comments below.

Photo courtesy of Daron Rahlves.

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