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Relief Riders International offers a humanitarian experience and a vacation in India

Voluntourism on a fifteen day horseback riding adventure with relief riders international

Relief Riders International offers a humanitarian experience and a vacation in India
Relief Riders International photo by relief riders international

Looking for a better vacation than just sitting around on a hot beach drinking alcohol?  Perhaps you need a different experience that will help heal yourself while helping others too.  Look no further than delving into a rewarding fifteen day excursion in India on Horseback while giving back to the very same community in which you are exploring.

If you are to become involved in Relief Riders International and you may find yourself being offered a dynamic, once in a lifetime adventure to travel the Thar Desert of Northern India and Rajasthan and other popular, exotic spots not on the map of Northern India.  This is a large country with so much culture and positive appeal; there is so much to learn, to observe and to become exposed to.  You may find yourself changing internally as you change the future for so many individuals in this land.

This journey is an awe inspiring and award winning humanitarian experience in voluntourism.  Helping others is a part of this mission and this is the part that will enrich your soul.  Galloping 25 miles a day on horseback is a part of this exhilarating odyssey.  There are tents to sleep in under the stars at night to better experience the true India.  To get in touch with your human side, and there is so much to see, feel ,touch and experience first-hand.

The relief riders bring medical supplies via jeep to the parts of the country that are in desperate need for them.  There are a variety of medical services that are also offered such as eye- exams and operations.  There are free vaccinations for children who would otherwise go without these important staples of a normal childhood.  Over One million children die every year from lack of basic hygiene and lack of basic medical services.  Relief Riders would like to enhance the odds of more children surviving.

Its founder, Alexander Souri states in his own words” Relief Riders International is designed to offer individuals not only an exhilarating journey but the chance to use their skills, enthusiasm and experience to promote positive change.  I know from my own travels to Rajasthan that for every gift I have given I have received gifts that have changed my life”

Alexander Souri of Relief Riders International won the United Nations NGO Positive peace award in 2010 for his outstanding leadership and combining adventure travel with humanitarian aid.  He designed the program and keeps changing some of the minor details so anyone can become involved in these projects who want to help out with this vital, humanistic cause.  There are options if one cannot ride a horse, one can still join in the travel component of this travel adventure through other ways.

These are the United Nations Peace award winning programs that Relief Riders International has been developing for over the last ten years.  They start with temporary medical camps to provide a basic standard medical routine for remote villages in rural India.  Doctors perform cataract surgeries in addition to dental care and other basic medical services are provided for villagers who could not afford them.

Volunteers who are also the riders are given the opportunity to engage in complete emersion in the culture, helping the medical staff any way they can and interacting with the villagers in order to provide a better future for all.  This is a business model that represents a perfect balance between social responsibilities in addition to a fun humanitarian process in which the riders of the program become actively involved in helping other persons and the depths to which it can cleanse your soul is bewildering.

See website for additional information at www.reliefridersinternational.com or call 413-329-6876










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