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Rules of Condo Grilling

However you decide to use a public grill at your Global Discovery Vacations condo, remember that not all the same rules apply as if you were grilling in your backyard.

If your resort graces you with access to a grill, you won’t be the first or the last person to use it. These types of grills are generally safe to use, but certain courtesies and precautions come in to play:

Rules of Condo Grilling

Prepare the Grill

Two hamburgers that are cooking on the grill.

Before you can cook your own food, you should clean the grill since you can’t assume it was perfectly cleaned during its previous use. For best results, you’ll need a grill brush, trash bags and foil:

  1. Wrap all the remaining ashes in foil and throw away.
  2. Use the grill brush to scrape lingering food off of the grates. Food comes off easier when the grill is heating up. Watch out for leftover bristles.
  3. Optional: Add a layer of foil on top of the grate with tiny holes punched in it for airflow. This will add grilling time, but at least you know what has been touching your food.

Dispose of All Food

Once you’re done with the grill, wait for ash to cool and dispose. Clean any leftover residue from your meal, returning the grill to the state in which you found it. And, as we’ve discussed before, make sure you don’t leave any food behind that will attract critters.

Grill at White Oak Lodge and Resort.

Grill at White Oak Lodge and Resort.

Be Conscious of Other Guests

Many resorts have just one grill on site. When everyone wants to have a barbecue at the same time, it can cause a bit of a bottleneck since you’re at the mercy of cooking time. But it’s possible to have multiple parties grilling at once. Add some briquettes (I’m not a fan of lighter fluid) and invite others to throw on their meats. It’s a great way to socialize!

If You Bring Your Own

Bringing a portable grill is a common alternative of public grills, but there are rules that still apply to you. Consult your result for specific regulations, but you can count on these general guidelines:

  • Avoid flare-ups and keep your flame under control.
  • Stay 10 to 20 feet away from hanging branches and foliage.
  • Do not light your flame under any awnings, on a deck or patio – stay in open areas.
  • Do not dispose of hot coals on the ground or by any flammable substance.

Summer is the season for grilling, so throw on those meats and veggies and make a party out of your next condo stay! Just be sure to clean up and keep the surrounding guests and environment in mind.

Do you grill while you’re on vacation? Tell us how you like cook in the comments below!

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