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Savannah, An Enchanting City

The breathtaking city of Savannah, Georgia

Savannah, An Enchanting City
Johnny Mercer house photo by Jodi Emmer

Savannah, possibly the most breathtaking city on earth, It can’t help but to charm you into a more relaxing frame of mind.  From the blood red richness of its earth and its legendary hospitality, you come here to visit, and are heartbroken when you have to leave.

I lived in Savannah for about a year, I attended Armstrong Atlantic State University and the cost of tuition was unbelievable.  It cost $500.00 per quarter and you could take 4 classes every quarter.  Instead of having semesters, quarters are smaller chunks of times; they allow the student access to more class time so earning a degree can be quicker than a traditional 2 semester school year.  With Quarters, including summer school you can literally get five quarters a year with small breaks in between.  You can graduate with a degree that much faster as you take 75 credits a year.

Back in 1995, it was possible to work as a waitress or in another minimum wage type job and put yourself through school, pay your rent and manage your bills if you lived in Florida or Georgia as a resident.  The tuition was very cheap, how I long for that simpler time.  There were ways to make it even cheaper by having housemates, and sharing the utilities and rent.  Where did it all go? I just checked the new catalogue for the tuition rates and it is $3005.10 for 15 credit hours.  Compared to many other state universities that rate is still very, very cheap.

Savannah it is a laid back, tolerant and relaxed city.  Historic charming buildings line the downtown with decadent ambivalence.  The people are unbelievably friendly and there are bars everywhere.  They host some of the best parades and public events in their charming and extravagant city.

The cemeteries are works of art, with their beautiful statues and fountains.  The parks are absolutely enchanting with the beautiful trees which are framed in Spanish moss.  The architecture of the homes add to the incredibly gorgeous work of art that is the city of Savannah. The riverfront has cobblestone walkways and streets along with open container laws similar to New Orleans, for about four blocks you can walk around and drink alcohol as you walk along the riverfront.

The Johnny Mercer house is in Savannah, it is a fancy and surreal looking home with legendary status and a book written exclusively about that house and the town and many of its residents.  John Berendt wrote “Midnight in the garden of Good and Evil” about this town, it was later turned into a film by Clint Eastwood.  Celebrities have lived in this city.  People seem to find it fascinating; the city draws you in and captivates you. 

Savannah reminds me of New Orleans, and there are some similarities, but New Orleans is very expensive by comparison.  Savannah is much more relaxing, without trying to sell the same image that New Orleans kind of tries to.  However, the food is probably a teeny bit better in New Orleans, but that is a debate in itself.

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