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St. Lucia: Romantic Honeymoon Hideaway

If you are looking for quiet secluded tropical beaches to spend your first days together, look no further than the Caribbean's St. Lucia.
St. Lucia: Romantic Honeymoon Hideaway
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As the "World's Leading Honeymoon Destination" at the World Travel Awards several years in a row, St. Lucia has a lot to live up to, and it will not disappoint you. The island is surrounded by small strips of sandy beaches for sun bathing, steep palm-covered cliff drop-offs with spectacular views, and crystal blue waters that are perfect for snorkeling, diving, or sailing. The water is filled with exotic animal life, and the quiet beaches are perfect for drying off after doing a little underwater exploring. St. Lucia's Piton Mountains are an ever-changing landscape of rainforest, volcanic activity, natural waterfalls, hot springs, and botanical gardens.


There are several all inclusive resorts that offer affordable spa and adventure packages, or you can go for the more private cottage get-a-way if you plan to be spending most of your time cuddling in bed listening to the white noise of waves crashing below. Honeymoon suites will greet you with petal strewn sheets and crystal goblets waiting for the celebratory pop of a champagne cork. Find charming guest houses on the beach front that will make you feel right at home with cozy kitchens for intimate nights cooking together in the privacy of your own home.


Fun adventure options include riding in an open jeep through a volcano, taking a ride on a Segway, bathing in healing mineral waters and giving each other mud massages, flying through the sky on canopy tours (zip-line rides), exploring the island on horse back, getting rosy in the cheeks on rum tours, finding nature's hidden wonders on hikes, and encountering colorful fish on dive trips. The Heritage Tourism Programme and the Folk Research Centre allow you to see the island's culturally rich communities and traditional practices like crayfish catching and folk dance and music.


St. Lucia's food and drink options will make your mouth water. Traditional Creole cuisine is a mix of flavors that will have you savoring every last bite with a smile on your face. The island's native roots and history in trade and piracy provide an international mix of flavors because of the British and French Europeans who settled there. Indigenous and African slave communities were able to maintain much of their own heritage hiding deep in the rainforest from white invaders and slave owners. Today, the island's complex history makes food both creative and diverse. You will not want to miss a rum tour as the Caribbean islands produce some of the best in the world. The drink of choice for most pirates will soon be yours as you lie on the beach with your partner sipping on a rum cocktail.


If your dream is a wedding on a Caribbean beach at sunset, your romantic vision can become a reality. Getting married is an easy process as long as you both have your passport and birth certificate. If divorced, you will also need to provide a decree absolute to prove it is official, and if widowed, you will need the first spouse's death certificate. A deed pool is needed for name changes. Most places have documents in English, but if they are not, you will need an authenticated translation. Wedding and honeymoon packages are available through several resorts. In no time, you will be walking down a sandy beach isle and saying your "I dos."



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