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The Best Cure for Wanderlust: Travel

The best cure for wanderlust is to travel, so get out there and do it!
The Best Cure for Wanderlust: Travel
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Wanderlust is a word that really cannot be described in one sentence. It is an ache, a burning desire, a hope, a longing, a love affair and all for travel. It is a need to always be moving, learning, escaping, and exploring to find yourself over and over because those who suffer from wanderlust thrive off of change. Many people are born with it, but for some, it comes after your first taste of freedom traveling abroad, and for others, it happens when you have a crisis and realize how stagnant life has become and need to find a way never to be stuck again. For those who wander, the lust is understood, but by everyone else it is called craziness. If you are uncertain which side you fall, here are a few hints you may suffer from wanderlust and how to satisfy your craving.


You find yourself saying, "If only I had enough money I would travel." Guess what? You can. The first step is throwing out the "if only" and start asking yourself, "How can I?" If you want to go to Hawaii and you are dreaming of learning how to do the hula, take a day to do research and plan a budget. Once you have a reasonable financial plan, you can make short term and long term goals for getting there with a set period of time to make it happen. Ask for the vacation time long in advance if you are working, and stop trying to resist your wanderlust tendencies.


You find that being in one location for longer than six months is painful. You may think that travel jobs are only possible for the lucky few, but fortunately for you, the electronic world has now made travel and work flow quite nicely together. So stop feeling like you have to fit in with the social norm and have a stable job and buy a house. You can be leaving every six months or sooner to go to a new and beautiful destination like the Caribbean or Central America. Country hop around the world either working along the way at various temporary jobs or take your computer along and work from the comfort of your beach side rental. Travel nursing and blogging are just a couple ways you can make money abroad, but there also plenty of businesses based out of the states that can send you around the world in areas of engineering, sales and marketing, politics, and health. So start searching for your dream job.


You need to always be doing new things and meeting new people. There are plenty of ways to mingle with foreigners both in your home town and abroad. When you are getting antsy to leave but have to sit still at home either for work or family, join international dining groups, learn a new language, or do a salsa dance meet-up group. Then, next time you can get out of the country, you will be more prepared and culturally attuned. Spend your time waiting for the next big trip preparing for it.


While travel may not be possible all the time, and breaks are necessary, there are several ways you can ease your cravings for gobbling up the world by engaging with it locally. The best cure for wanderlust though is to travel, so get out there and do it!



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