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The Chancery in Wauwatosa Village, Wisconsin

Enjoying a family restaurant with an exotic menu in the Midwest

The Chancery in Wauwatosa Village, Wisconsin
Wauwatosa village photo by Jodi Emmer

Here is a town that no one really talks much about, and I used to live there once and I spent some time in a wonderful restaurant called The Chancery in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin which is more or less a suburb of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Located at 7615 West State Street in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin telephone number is (414) 453-2300 they also have five other locations around town that are equally as enjoyable.  I prefer the Wauwatosa family kind of feel to the atmosphere.  They are a traditional Milwaukee restaurant as far as there is plenty of beer to choose from and there is cheese, in fact I do believe they serve a beer and cheese soup with a big warm pretzel as a meal.  It is almost like fondue and since you are pretty far North soup is always a great choice since the average temperature in January is 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

The menu is unbelievably sophisticated for the Midwest, which I hate to say it in that manner because it is condescending and patronizing to the Midwest, but there is this belief that restaurants in NYC and Washington D.C. are inherently better in the manner that they have the pick of the chefs and the more adventurous menu choices.  Just like there is an unwritten law that a restaurant in Paris, France is probably better than the best restaurant in Missouri.  Maybe that is true, maybe it isn’t.

The point being the Chancery menu is not typical or boring by all standards.  There are some items on the appetizer list such as citrus avocado salad, Asian lettuce wraps, a homemade artichoke dip with bread that is out of this world and the signature beer and cheese soup served with a warm pretzel.   During happy hour which is from 3:00p.m. to 6:00p.m. all the appetizers on the menu are half price so you can get an unbelievably cheap dinner or late lunch if you time it correctly.

The rest of the menu is a lot of Hamburgers, Tilapia, Greek Chicken Pita, Blackened Shrimp avocado BLT served on sourdough.  Entrée Salads with Chicken or shrimp.  Chicken sandwiches, fried chicken.  On Fridays there is an all you can eat fish and chips option and on Mondays there is an all you can eat fried chicken option.  There are also a few cultural items such as Jambalaya, Fajitas ad Cashew stir fry to add a few zingers to the menu.  The prices are very moderate most Entrees are in the$ 11.00 to $15.00 range for dinner options.  They also make this unbelievably great garlic mayonnaise for their fried chicken Sandwich which is one of the best sandwiches I ever had because of the garlic mayo.

If you happen to be visiting Milwaukee for any reason there are some restaurants that are well worth visiting and never feel ashamed to love a restaurant that happens to be in a place no reviewer from The New York Times Magazine would not be caught dead in.  The NY times has some pretty ridiculous standards and since I did not grow up in the Midwest, I too have a certain condescension about the flyover states, but I think that attitude is something thrown onto us by outsiders and we were not born with it.






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