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The magic of Jamaica in all its glory

Taking a tour of the Island of Jamaica and exploring Negril

The magic of Jamaica in all its glory
Rick's cafe at sunset photo by Rick's cafe Negril

One of my favorite spots in the world would be Negril, Jamaica.  It is a very peaceful and relaxing place that has some of the best beaches in the Caribbean and great nature experiences.

According to Fox News there are only 8 top vacation spots that are deemed the most romantic in Jamaica but I totally beg to differ. As one becomes accustomed to traveling the island of Jamaica I believe they can find a lot more than eight. 

I would encourage you to blend in to island life and if you happen to be a white blonde woman of any age, you will be approached by the locals if you happen to be walking around alone.  This happened to me on my visit to Negril and I was simply crossing the street from one resort to another, I think I also attempted to take a five block walk down the street to the little market so I could explore my surroundings and a man in a car actually stopped and asked me if he could show me around the island.  So be careful and pretend you speak another language, like whatever they speak in Iceland.  Look confused at all times and do not carry a lot of cash on you or credit cards, carry a weapon and a deck of cards or something.

According to trip advisor of 2014 they rated The Spa Retreat Boutique Hotel as the number one resort and it is in Negril.  They were rated so highly due to the exceptional staff at the front desk and the hotel service in general.  They claim to offer not only a vacation but a complete experience.  They also mentioned that they offered traditional Jamaican food at this resort and it was intensely amazing in all the reviews they had on the site.  The wait staff in the bar and restaurant were extremely professional and courteous.  It was very clean and the maid staff was very mindful to the needs of the guests. The location of this resort is on the West End Cliffs which is one of the best views in Negril and that also makes for a very lovely retreat.

Also in Negril, according to trip advisor once again for 2014 The Caves was rated the number two property in Negril.  They also have great food, great service and staff and of course, exceptional views of the beach and the surrounding scenery.  The nice thing about Negril is you can literally go hotel hopping and get day passes to visit most of the resorts, and see them all.  They want to sell you an experience and part of that tourism experience is to visit and tour as much of the properties as you want.

There is also a lot of nice touristy shopping and bar scenes.  Negril offers cliff diving please get yourself to Rick’s Café in Negril and they will tell you all about it in any language.  Rick’s café has one of the best locations in Negril for its view of the cliffs and the divers.  They will also fill your ears with all the many other great adventurous things to do in Jamaica, like horseback riding and visiting some of the best waterfalls in the world.





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