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The Tasting Room of Frederick, Maryland

One of the best restaurants in Frederick, Maryland The Tasting Room oozes class

The Tasting Room of Frederick, Maryland
don't mix your alcohol photo by Jodi Emmer

One of Frederick, Maryland’s top restaurants would be considered The Tasting Room.  The restaurant is located at 101 North Market Street in the heart of downtown Frederick the telephone number is (240) 379-7772.

Established in 2001, The Tasting Room has created an upscale atmosphere in their class of dining with very reasonable prices and an exceptionally creative menu.  They call it cosmopolitan ambiance a very accurate description.

According to Washington Post Magazine writer, Tom Sietsema,“The roast chicken redeems me. The skin is crisp, the flesh meaty and moist, and herbs lend depth to the flavor. The chicken comes with a homey, garlic-redolent gravy, a bundle of bright asparagus and mashed potatoes with the power to move people (really: You should have heard the woman next to me sighing over them). The rockfish is just as good, pan-roasted to give the surface a light tan and removed from the fire at exactly the right moment. Its onion-laced risotto makes a nice partner, as does pepper-ignited beurre blanc. Alone, the rockfish made the trip worthwhile. Fine representatives of the state of Maryland, the crab cakes are fat, loose and built mostly from lump crab, and their tartare and cocktail sauces share a made-from-scratch quality. The halibut, on the other hand, is easy to pass up; its murky sauce of arugula and pesto is just a drag on the fish itself.”

In addition to the graphic depiction of the food by Tom Sietsema, the menu includes some very interesting specialties ranging from bacon apple salad, escargot, crispy calamari, lobster chowder, crab dip, panko shrimp, tuna tartare, duck foie gras and homemade pate just as an example.

There is a full bar of every type of top shelf alcohol one could ever imagine including the Godiva liquors which one should never mix with whiskey, I unfortunately found this out the hard way and spent about two hours passed out in the Tasting Room bathroom in 2005 when I was just a low level graduate student at Hood college also located in Frederick so I spent a lot of time passed out on bathroom floors while covering stories for the School paper and my film director employer, John Calvin Doyle.  You have to start somewhere, I suppose.

The New York Strip steak is to die for; it is extremely tender and moist.  The Au Gratin Potatoes are simply out of this world a complete delicacy on their own, one could simply just eat them as a meal in itself.  Their salads are exquisitely sophisticated and nutrient rich.  The Baked Macaroni which has crab in it as all Maryland dishes tend to, is simply divine and deliriously tasting.

The Filet Mignon could put you into a food trance in itself as it is prepared in an absolutely astoundingly delicious sauce that the chef has kept secret for all his years at The Tasting Room in order to deliver to the consumer the best encounter with his divineness as a chef.

The desserts are completely mouth-watering and exquisite in their presentation.  They are almost too beautiful to eat, the chocolate cakes and pies and ice cream.  Again the prices range from $15.00 to $30.00 per entrée and the restaurant is always full so call ahead.


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