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Towns That Shut Down are Your Ticket to Escape

We live in a beautiful age, where almost any information we desire is accessible with the click of a mouse or the tap of a phone. But with limitless information comes infinite distractions. There are times when that does more harm than good, which is why it’s good to escape from it all every once in a while.

When tourism hits an off season lull, some tourist-dependent towns close up shop and wait for the start of their respective Peak Seasons. While visitors might not be able to access some restaurants and attractions during that time, this is an ideal scenario for a peaceful getaway.

Towns That Shut Down are Your Ticket to Escape

Here’s why you would want to take a Global Discovery Vacations trip to a town without distractions.

Studying for a Big Exam

Bored student girl sitting home looking away

I’ve heard from friends and even members who spend a week away from home just for a quiet and invigorating place to study. If you’re serious about a test, be it school finals or an important certification, eliminate interruptions and hone in on your one task by getting away from your daily obligations.

If a resort doesn’t have a lot of rooms booked during this time, you’ll be in study heaven. When you need a break, you can step outside for a tranquil walk and take in some sights before hitting the books again.

Working on a Big Project

Not just any project, but one that could benefit from total concentration and absence of outside disruptions. Whether you are writing a novel, painting a picture or trying to think of the next billion-dollar idea, use travel as your muse.

Sometimes serenity leads to inspiration and sparks creativity whereas procrastination can be a menace when you’re trying to finish a big project. But if you travel with the sole intention of making progress or even finishing, it could be just the motivation you need to achieve that goal.

A Cleansing of the Mind

Member Becky C. lounging on Antigua Bay beach.

“Relaxing at Antigua Bay. Enough said.” – Member Becky C.

One of the main reasons members tell us they want to travel is to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. There’s no better way to do that than going somewhere that isn’t overrun by noisy crowds. Maybe you want to avoid technology for a while or maybe you just need a break from stress.

When I went to Utah this past November, it was right before the ski resorts opened, so we almost had the resort to ourselves. It was also the week of the election, and I almost forgot because there was nothing to remind me.

Know When to Go

Disney World Magic Kingdom crowd

Disney World is not the place to go for alone time. Photo courtesy of member Fred B.

Depending on the area, most towns “shut down” in the spring and fall when it’s too warm for snow or not late enough in the year for summer break. Some resorts, for example, focus on skiing, so there isn’t much to do in the summer months.

If you do travel to a destination that runs on tourism, make sure you research before you go. Look at the operation hours of the main attractions you would like to see. Sometimes what’s open depends on the weather conditions, which are unpredictable. That’s why we suggest calling the resort or attraction directly if you have any questions on its status during your stay.

Likewise, there are events that attract huge crowds (Daytona Beach’s Bike Week is a prime example), so be aware of those if you are wanting a quiet getaway.

Where is your favorite destination to escape? Let us know in the comments below.

Top photo courtesy of member Jain S.

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