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TSA Precheck’s Booming Popularity Increasing Crowds

Have you ever been to an amusement park and wondered what would happen if everyone had a fast pass? The lines would be longer than the regular ones! So much for extra perks.

Well, it appears airlines could find themselves in that exact situation.

TSA Precheck’s Booming Popularity Increasing Crowds

Travel Pulse has an interesting take on TSA Precheck:

“Obviously, judging by the rapid increase in the number of Precheck applications, many people are willing to trade privacy for convenience. This could actually lead to another issue that could eventually hurt the program. At some airports, the special Precheck checkpoints are becoming more and more crowded. The point of applying for the program is to avoid waiting to pass through security. Members sometimes find that they end up waiting in line behind their Precheck peers anyway. The lines at the special checkpoints are almost always shorter, but they are lines nonetheless.”

In case you are not familiar, TSA Precheck makes going through airline security a breeze, allowing you to pass without having to remove your shoes, liquids, laptops, etc. Despite the $85 application fee and meticulous screening process, the convenience is almost too much for travelers to pass up.

Precheck just hit two million members this week, which is twice as many members as they had in March 2015. At this rate, this once exclusive club is on the precipice of becoming too popular for its own good.

Do you have TSA Precheck and think the lines are getting longer? We know it’s probably different at every airport, so we’d love to hear your experiences on the subject in the comments below.

Is the TSA’s Precheck Program Too Popular? | TravelPulse

Photo credit: Dion Hinchcliffe/Flickr.

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