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Visiting the Kripalu in the berkshires for a self healing retreat

Visit the Berkshires and engage in a soul searching retreat at The Kripalu in Stockbridge

Visiting the Kripalu in the berkshires for a self healing retreat
The kripalu photo by jodi emmer

 In the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts there is a place where you can learn to distress, eat healthy and take a very personal retreat into your own body, mind and soul.  The Berkshires in and of themselves offer a very relaxing place to visit but it is the Kripalu that seems to draw the ones who are committed to self-healing, and rediscovery of their inner selves.

Located, minutes from Lenox, Massachusetts, The Kripalu is a Yoga retreat, and so much more. With a Kripalu signature retreat one may decide how to create their own experience to fit into their own lifestyle needs.  There are a variety of experiential and educational workshops to learn and engage in.  There are plenty of outdoor activities and yoga and movement classes.

You may jump start your fitness routine and begin hiking in the beautiful Berkshire mountains that surround the Stockbridge Bowl.   There are plenty of nutrition classes and wellness classes to fit into your schedule, there are tai chi classes. There is also an onsite whirlpool hot tub to help you distress at the end of the day from your exercise and yoga activities.

Accommodations include the Kripalu’s nutritious and delicious all natural meals.  Simple rooms without distraction and roommates are provided by the facility. Daily yoga and noon dance classes, evening events such as lectures from some of the area’s most affluent wellness coaches and authors available. Plus the use of onsite amenities such as the sauna, whirlpool, fitness room, private lakefront beach on the Stockbridge Bowl, private and guided hiking trails and much more.

Enjoy bodywork from some of the best trained bodywork technicians available.   There is message and neuromuscular therapists who will bestow their hands upon your aches and pains in order to distress your back and any other trouble spots that you need to be healed.

Healing is the key word about this facility, distressing and learning new ways of self-care and better nutrition to heal your whole self as part of reviving yourself into a new person who is ready to take on the world.  Keep coming back to the Berkshires and learn more from your experiences here.  It is an enriching, diverse place which offers a very simple life.

In the summer, Tangle wood is a simple walk away.  There are boats and swimming available in Stockbridge.  It is the perfect retreat for anyone looking to reward themselves with a way to self-heal and begin a routine that emerges themselves in the most optimum lifestyle for the best nutrition and yoga, meditation oriented lifestyle.  This is a new way to distress, although the Kripalu has been around for forty some odd years, people are taking measures to keep themselves well and this wellness approach has value to anyone who needs to spend more time caring for their own body and soul.

Lenox offers a lot of charm and quaintness in its own history.  There is plenty to do in Lenox, with shopping and amazing restaurants to explore.  Tangle wood has the Boston Symphony Orchestra practicing there every week among other musical groups that offer a musical venue that is extremely diverse in the summer season.  There is skiing and hiking and ice skating in the winter and many outdoor activities for every person who visits the area.  Come and see for yourself.  Plan a visit anytime.




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