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Vote for Your Favorite Destinations in Our U.S. Bucket List Bracket

March Madness is here, which exemplifies the only real way to determine the winner of any contest: with brackets.

That led us to the question: What attractions make people want to travel? Sticking with the United States, we took some of the most popular sights from Global Discovery Vacations members over the years and narrowed them down to these 16. They are separated geographically in East and West.

Just for kicks, all you need to do is vote for your favorite attractions. We’ll add a new poll each day and update the bracket after each round.

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Today’s Matchup:

Photos courtesy of Corey T.; member John B.

Photos courtesy of Corey T.; member John B.

Rocky Mountains (Colorado) vs. Lake Tahoe (California; Nevada)

We couldn’t decide on a certain area in the Rocky Mountains to highlight, and considering all 3,000 miles was a little unfair, so let’s just focus on the Colorado Rockies (not the baseball team). That’s still 53 14ers,extreme altitude and countless ways to hike and ski. It’s an adventurer’s playground. Lake Tahoe is no pushover, either. Where else can you swim in a lake, hike through mountainous forests and relax on the beach all within a handful of miles? And as a bonus, Lake Tahoe isn’t far from Reno if you want to try your luck at the country’s Biggest Little City in the World.

It's vacation time! Where are we going?


    Check back tomorrow for the beginning of round two!

    If your favorite attraction didn’t make this tournament, feel free to share it with us in the comments.

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