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Where is the Next Bathroom?

A very common question that is asked on road trips, short and long, is "Where is the next bathroom?"
Where is the Next Bathroom?

The age old problem, where to go to the bathroom. Stopping at the next station that we see from the highway has been the normal approach. This leaves us at the mercy of the gas station owners to provide a clean restroom, and we can't always judge bathroom cleanliness from the outer appearance of the establishment.

Many times I have stopped at a public restroom I felt was unsanitary because I couldn't wait, only to return to my car and drive a mile or so then see a much better place that I could have stopped at. The problem is I didn't know that clean bathroom was available, or that is was cleaner than the one I stopped at.

This problem is being addressed from multiple different companies that have created apps to provide "Restroom Feedback" from the actual people out on the road using the restrooms.  User generated Bathroom availability content, technology helps in so many ways!

One of the top Bathroom apps is the one Charmin created called "Sit or Squat" which is available by clicking the following link:

"Sit or Squat" mobile app

Another restroom locator that can be used on either an Apple or an Android is called "Where to Wee". You must have an iOS 4.3 or newer to work. This particular mobile app rates the cleanliness, which is a very important feature. Click the following link for more information and download the mobile app:

"Where to Wee" mobile app

If you want access to the location of over 70,000 public bathrooms, visit the following link to get information on the "Toilet Finder" mobile app:

"Toilet Finder"

So next time the age old question is asked, "Where is the next bathroom?" you can just pull out your phone and instantly get the cleanest restroom location that is closest to you at the touch of a button.

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