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Why Your Heart Might Break a Little When You Leave

“Have you ever felt a pang of sadness as you’re sitting on your flight home after traveling to awesome places? Maybe I’m just describing my current situation, but I’m pretty convinced that post-travel depression is a real…thing, and that you’re bound to get your heart broken no matter what if you travel.”

-Alyssa Ramos, Huffington Post

That little let down you feel when you have to end your vacation is a shared experience among travelers and most of us aren’t prepared for it. We’re excited to get there, excited to be there, then, boom! We realize we have to leave this mountain paradise and suddenly would do anything to stay.


I know I’ve wildly (albeit briefly) considered spending hundreds or even thousands to change my flight and extend my stay. And when I realize I can’t do that, I move on to the “Nevermind, I’ll just plan my next stay as soon as I get home” phase.

Why Your Heart Might Break a Little When You Leave

In an article for the Huffington Post, Travel Blogger Alyssa Ramos shared her insights as she explores why you may have your heart broken a little when you go somewhere wonderful.

1. You Fall in Love With a Place, Then Have to Leave
“Time flies, and suddenly a week feels like yesterday, sending your heart into a frenzy when you think about leaving the beloved place you’ve only just discovered.”

2. There’s So Much More You Wanted to Do
“Although I am a master at ambitiously adventuring, and doing and seeing as much as possible in the amount of time I have, there’s still always more I wanted to do, and it breaks my heart to leave without experiencing everything.” 

4. You Make Fast, Meaningful Friendships
“I think that if I were ever super rich, after helping as many impoverished areas as I could, I would fly every single person I’ve made friends with while traveling to one place, so that we can all hang out again.”

5. You Know it Won’t Be As Awesome Back Home
“When I get back home, no one is going to have any idea what I’m talking about…there’s going to be no where for me to explore, or hike, or hang my feet off a cliff, just work, and more work, and people talking about work…”

6. You’ll Suffer from Post-Travel Depression
“I believe this [hearbroken] feeling is also referred to as ‘Post-Travel Depression,’ which is a very serious disorder that can only be cured by more travel.”

We think she hit it on the head in that last one. At least you know you’re not alone if that pesky post-travel depression rears its ugly head, and you also know Global Discovery Vacations is waiting to welcome you back with open arms!

Have you ever felt a bit heartbroken when leaving a great destination? Tell us how you managed in the comments below.

Why You’re Bound to Get Your Heart Broken if You Travel | Huffington Post

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