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You Can Move Abroad


You Can Move Abroad

Many people think that they can’t travel the world. Im here to tell you that you can, you should and you don’t have to be independently wealthy to do it! Here is how we did it..


Make The Decision

Don’t think about the cost or how you will do it yet. You first need to explore if this is something you really want and why you want it. Lets just pretend that you have the means to do this..would you? If money wasn’t a concern would you do it? If you answered yes then you are ready for the next step! 


Make a “Rough Draft Plan”

This means writing down all of your debt and making a plan that is realistic for paying those things off. Don’t get discouraged. This may take you a while but thats okay. Your working toward a life goal and you will be better for it. It doesn’t happen over night. It took us almost 2 years to do this step. The key is writing it down and sticking to it. A little tip on this..pay off the lowest debt first and than work your way up to the biggest debt. Once each debt is paid, apply that amount to the next debt in addition to what you have arranged to pay already. This way your expenses always stay the same but you debt is disappearing before your eyes! This rough draft plan will help determine your move date. 



 Once step 2 is in process its time to start researching..and researching…and more researching where your new home will be. This is the next important step because it will determine how you will pay for your new life! If you choose a second or third world country, you may have to rely on savings to support yourself. Many of these countries won’t allow you to work there and they may not have decent internet to work online. The upside is that you can usually live on $300-$500 a month as a single person without a car. If you choose to live in Europe or other 1st world countries make sure to carefully research employment visas and their requirements. This step may also take you several months because you have a lot to research and you will want to really make sure to pick the right place for your circumstances. 


 Making Money

Some people may say that this is the first thing you should think of but I’m here to tell you that that is wrong. I know because I am doing it. We are in the process now of moving our entire family of 5 to Costa Rica from Seattle. If you start with this step first you probably won’t end up moving. Why? This is the thing people worry about the most. People can't be sure how much is enough so they figure..”I had better stay on the safe side and not do this..this is crazy what was I even thinking?” This is why you need to first and foremost decide( In step 1)  if this is really for you. There is no great job willing to finance your dreams (sorry I looked) so at times it will be hard and you may wonder why you didn’t stick with the normal. When I feel that way,  I just walk to the beach with my family and watch the little Capuchin Monkeys play in the trees....that usually helps. Each persons plan will be different, so you have to customize yours to what you need. I can tell you that I don’t regret our decision and the simple, less stress life we live now is a dream come true (most days), I wouldn’t change a thing!

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