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  • Family Vacation Ideas – Part 1

    When you are responsible for booking a vacation for the entire family you may feel that weight of this big decision on your shoulders Oftentimes you are content as long as your kids are having fun So I did some research and found several Global Discovery Vacations destinations where not only your youngsters will be entertained but so will you
  • How to Get Your Workout in When on Vacation

    Vacations are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of work and home stress If you are following a workout routine then you have to decide whether you put your fitness goals on hold or continue with the means and time available If your vacation accommodation has a gym then all you have to do is pack your workout clothes and get on the treadmill or grab some dumbbells The bigger challenge is how to get your workout in when there is no equipment or gym at your disposal Here are five ways you can still work out during your vacation
  • A Very Global Christmas Part 2

    Now that you know about some of Europe’s Holiday traditions we will check in with our employees that have their roots in other parts of the world This time you’ll read about holiday celebrations from The Americas Africa and Asia
  • A Very Global Christmas – Part 1: Europe

    This Holiday Season you might rely on those tried and true classics that are popular with the whole family or maybe you are in for something new Whether you are celebrating Christmas or New Year’s at home or on vacation long lasting memories with your loved ones are in the making All of us at Global Discovery Vacations take pride in sending you on wonderful trips around the world but what you may not have realized is that we are pretty international ourselves Let’s go to Europe and see what a “Very Global Christmas” looks like
  • The Slopes Are Calling: Last Minute Ski Getaways

    Colorado is arguably one of the most beloved ski destinations in the US But when crowd favorites such as Breckenridge Colorado and Park City Utah are not available you are not left in the cold when it comes to skiing snowboarding and snowmobiling So when you are due for some winter action consider one of these excellent Global Discovery Vacations areas Even better these are Expressway destinations that offer winter activities at or near the resort
  • A Brewed Perspective: Microbreweries and Craft Beers

    Despite the fact that the industry giants still dominate beer sales I am finding more craft beers on shelves than ever These beverages tend to stand out more than their mass-produced counterparts According to the Brewers Association consumers in the States who buy beer spend 21 percent of this money on craft beers and the tourism industry is listening Tourism and microbreweries are closely linked together as these establishments are becoming increasingly popular as attractions As with other locally made products such as coffee or wine craft beers offer visitors a true taste of the local culture through tours and tastings
  • Airports: There’s More Than Meets the Flight

    For most of us airports are places we have to visit in order to get to our final destination Sometimes we spend more time waiting for the next flight than we would like and we need to keep ourselves occupied A growing number of airports is trying to change that image by enticing people to make the airport a destination by itself
  • Fall, Food and Festivals

    The season we now know as fall or autumn used to be known as harvest The Dutch still use the closely related herfst to describe the busiest time of the year for farmers Along with stunning colors and more moderate temperatures fall is a great time to celebrate the bounty of land and sea We handpicked some of the best upcoming food festivals for you in our popular destinations so go ahead and reap the benefits of fall
  • How to Deal with Long Layovers at the Airport

    When traveling by air connecting flights can add significant time to your trip You may be fortunate enough to make it to your next flight without having to wait around for too long but unfortunately there isn’t always the luxury of planning that way So how do you keep yourself occupied Cathy Wunder Vice President of Operations at Global Connections Inc has a healthy way of passing some extra minutes by making sure she gets in her exercise by walking to the gate and using the stairs When it’s time to relax she likes to visit the airline’s airport club for free Wi-Fi snacks and drinks Let’s take a look at some other ideas on how to fill those empty hours

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