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  • Access on the Go with the Global Discovery Vacations App

    Your membership just got even more convenient with the new Global Discovery Vacations bookmark app Now you can do everything you were doing on your PC right from your phone get specials notifications book a vacation find hotels access your membership guide and more Today people are more mobile than ever and your phone is where you do just about everything So having all your Global Discovery Vacations membership tools at your fingertips makes it even easier to travel more “We strive to use new technology that will better our products making them more convenient and easy to use.” -Global Connections Chief Operating Officer Frank Zawojski The bookmark app gets you connected to your membership website faster and is available for Apple Android and Amazon devices Just search “Global Discovery Vacations” in your app store and install
  • Take Time to Relax During the Holiday

    With parties to attend gifts to buy bank balances to watch trips to plan and everything else that goes with the holidays it doesn’t hurt to slow your roll for a few moments so you can decompress and re-energize Whether you’re on vacation with Global Discovery Vacations or at home holiday time can be stress time and you deserve a little down time We found these quick fixes that can actually help
  • 6 Things NOT to Do on Your First Cruise

    Experienced cruisers may have a good laugh but it’s no joke to the first-time cruiser when these “don’t do” disasters come between you and the perfect cruise Global Discovery Vacations has found some of the top tips for making your cruise experience the best
  • Save Your Money: Use a Travel Agent

    What would you do with an extra 425 If you’re going on a Global Discovery Vacations trip naturally you want as much money as possible to put toward your trip itself – food souvenirs attractions and more So why lose that money on your travel planning
  • Hike Smart, Stay Alive

    With the recent and tragic story of Geraldine Largay the hiker whose remains were recently found more than two years after she got lost on the Appalachian Trail it’s important to remember that hiking requires research and preparation When you’re visiting a scenic Global Discovery Vacations destination you’ll probably want to enjoy some hiking in the fresh air Finding established trails and hiking with others go a long way toward ensuring a safe experience but what else should you be prepared for More adventurous hikers may want to explore off the beaten path or even go out alone so it’s important to 1 try to make sure you don’t get lost in the first place and 2 know what to do if it happens In a recent article from About.com experienced hiker Matt Jaffe shares his tips
  • Why Your Heart Might Break a Little When You Leave

    “Have you ever felt a pang of sadness as you’re sitting on your flight home after traveling to awesome places Maybe I’m just describing my current situation but I’m pretty convinced that post-travel depression is a real…thing and that you’re bound to get your heart broken no matter what if you travel.” -Alyssa Ramos Huffington Post That little let down you feel when you have to end your vacation is a shared experience among travelers and most of us aren’t prepared for it We’re excited to get there excited to be there then boom We realize we have to leave this mountain paradise and suddenly would do anything to stay I know I’ve wildly albeit briefly considered spending hundreds or even thousands to change my flight and extend my stay And when I realize I can’t do that I move on to the “Nevermind I’ll just plan my next stay as soon as I get home” phase
  • Tips to Stay Focused as Your Vacation Draws Near

    Your vacation is just a couple weeks away and it’s all you can think about What attire will you bring What’s on your itinerary How can you maximize your sightseeing And then the reality rears its ugly head All you want to think about is that fabulous vacation but your work to-do list is still miles long A vacation should be a relaxing reprieve from your chaotic work life However if you don’t adequately prepare for it you could return feeling even more stressed than you did when you left Here are some ways to stay focused and get your ducks in a row before you take off

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