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  • Cool and Helpful Websites for Travelers

    A traveler is only as good as his tools accommodations transportation luggage etc One could argue that the most important tool for a traveler is information And yet there are so many unknown facets of travel that people don’t have in their toolbox But thanks to some innovative websites your travels can be much more immersive than you originally intended From ways to fill out your itinerary or tips on how to save money on your next Global Discovery Vacations vacation check out these helpful tools specifically for travelers
  • Upgrade Your Cruising Experience with a Distinctive Voyage

    Looking for a new way to cruise Reward yourself with a value-stuffed Distinctive Voyage These specialized sailings are a chance to get exclusive experiences on your travels – at no extra cost to you When you book a Distinctive Voyage with Global Connections Inc you can expect three complimentary amenities on our Hosted Cruise Collection
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: One Week in the Big Easy

    New Orleans is a town like no other with a special blend of character and history to attract travelers of any taste Wanting to cross this city off of his travel wish list Global Discovery Vacations member Rick A and his wife spent a week at The Wyndham La Belle Maison in the Big Easy and soaked up the culture He tells us about it in this week’s Member Monday
  • Why Am I Getting a Call After I Book My Condo Online?

    When you book a Global Discovery Vacations condominium online you may think that’s the end of the transaction But this is your vacation and you’re part of a travel club that cares about your experiences So we want to make sure you have all the necessary tools well before you pack and head out on your adventure
  • Towns That Shut Down are Your Ticket to Escape

    We live in a beautiful age where almost any information we desire is accessible with the click of a mouse or the tap of a phone But with limitless information comes infinite distractions There are times when that does more harm than good which is why it’s good to escape from it all every once in a while When tourism hits an off season lull some tourist-dependent towns close up shop and wait for the start of their respective Peak Seasons While visitors might not be able to access some restaurants and attractions during that time this is an ideal scenario for a peaceful getaway
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: Hilton Head Island

    With more than 20 trips under her belt with Global Discovery Vacations you could say that Betsey K has a good perspective on what makes a good vacation destination We were curious to find out what made Hilton Head Island South Carolina stand out so much so we asked about her stay at Southwind II at Shipyard
  • Traveling in the Age of Uncertainty

    The Trump administration’s recent immigration travel ban sent reverberations throughout the country taking the form of mass protests at major airports As a travel club with members who love traveling we wanted to address some worries that we’ve heard over the last few days Even though these polices are aimed at select groups travelers of all backgrounds and ethnicities are concerned about what’s next
  • Family Vacation Ideas – Part 1

    When you are responsible for booking a vacation for the entire family you may feel that weight of this big decision on your shoulders Oftentimes you are content as long as your kids are having fun So I did some research and found several Global Discovery Vacations destinations where not only your youngsters will be entertained but so will you
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: The Florida Trip that Almost Wasn’t

    Global Discovery Vacations member Patricia K originally planned to spend the holidays in Daytona Beach Florida but Hurricane Matthew swept through and made them change course for Destin Florida After an impressive amount of juggling Patricia and her family ended up having an enjoyable stay together at the Amalfi Coast Resort This week’s Member Monday tells you how it happened
  • 8 Ways to Be Comfortable on a Plane

    With all the talk of low-fare options and the confusion surrounding them airlines are at least trying to help passengers While they focus on the monetary aspect it doesn’t address the physical comfort – or lack thereof – of being on a plane Assuming you’re roughing it like the rest of us in coach here’s how you can be comfortable and not lose your mind en route to your next Global Discovery Vacations destination
  • Look before You Book: Don’t Assume All Amenities are Alike

    Several years of condominium vacationing can make you accustomed to certain standards full kitchens king beds and balconies among other features But as you may already know all condos are not made the same That’s why it’s important to first read all of the provided information – resort amenities special conditions unit features – before booking a condo Here are the details you should look for when planning your next Global Discovery Vacations stay
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: Christmas on the Oregon Coast

    Global Discovery Vacations member Suzanne K visits the Newport Oregon area rather frequently it helps that she’s been on more than 50 vacations with the membership Her recent Christmas stay at Embarcadero Resort was pretty much par for the courses with jagged shorelines crabbing and memorable lighthouses She shares some tips in this week’s Member Monday
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: Idaho’s Winter Wonderland

    When the snow paints the town white it can set the perfect scene for any winter vacation Yellowstone is a great place to visit any time of year but Global Discovery Vacations member Sydney S.’s most recent trip to the Timbers Condominiums at Island Park Village Idaho gave her plenty of memories on which to look back She tells us why it was a winter wonderland in this week’s Member Monday
  • When Should You Splurge on Vacation?

    I’ve never met anyone who didn’t like a good deal Why spend more money when we can save some to use on other goods and services But as much as we like saving money there are times when paying extra exceeds the value of your purchase So in what instances can you see yourself splurging on a Global Discovery Vacations trip Here are a few likely scenarios
  • 7 Ways to Save for Your Vacation

    It’s nice to have extra cash before you set out on a vacation so you can splurge and get the full experience of your destination That can be difficult for some of us after factoring in airfare transportation and accommodations so what else can we do Luckily there are several ways to squeeze a little bit more money into your savings so you can enjoy your vacation the way you were supposed to Try these tips leading up to your next Global Discovery Vacations and see how it works for you
  • Access on the Go with the Global Discovery Vacations App

    Your membership just got even more convenient with the new Global Discovery Vacations bookmark app Now you can do everything you were doing on your PC right from your phone get specials notifications book a vacation find hotels access your membership guide and more Today people are more mobile than ever and your phone is where you do just about everything So having all your Global Discovery Vacations membership tools at your fingertips makes it even easier to travel more “We strive to use new technology that will better our products making them more convenient and easy to use.” -Global Connections Chief Operating Officer Frank Zawojski The bookmark app gets you connected to your membership website faster and is available for Apple Android and Amazon devices Just search “Global Discovery Vacations” in your app store and install

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