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  • How to Get Your Workout in When on Vacation

    Vacations are a welcome break from the hustle and bustle of work and home stress If you are following a workout routine then you have to decide whether you put your fitness goals on hold or continue with the means and time available If your vacation accommodation has a gym then all you have to do is pack your workout clothes and get on the treadmill or grab some dumbbells The bigger challenge is how to get your workout in when there is no equipment or gym at your disposal Here are five ways you can still work out during your vacation
  • How to Share Your Global Discovery Vacations Membership

    One of the great benefits to being a Global Discovery Vacations member is that you can share its benefits with almost anyone Even better if you buy the membership once it’s possible to get use out of it for generations to come So how do you get the longest life of your membership for the perfect gift that keeps on giving Here’s what you need to know
  • Global Discovery Vacations Year in Review: 2016

    As 2016 comes to a close we wanted to take some time to acknowledge the moments that helped define this year in travel and the Global Discovery Vacations membership From new resorts to fun contests and tragic natural disasters we have a lot to reflect on this past year
  • The Slopes Are Calling: Last Minute Ski Getaways

    Colorado is arguably one of the most beloved ski destinations in the US But when crowd favorites such as Breckenridge Colorado and Park City Utah are not available you are not left in the cold when it comes to skiing snowboarding and snowmobiling So when you are due for some winter action consider one of these excellent Global Discovery Vacations areas Even better these are Expressway destinations that offer winter activities at or near the resort
  • How to Burglar-Proof Your House While You’re on Vacation

    It’s time to bust out the holiday movies and Home Alone 2 yes the sequel is at the top of my list this year In my aging wisdom I have started to question why the McCallisters were victim of perpetual thievery It’s simple Forgetting that this is a work of fiction and that the bad guys are a little dim the McCallister’s must not have prepped their house properly But this is the real world where parents don’t leave their children behind and criminals are not inherent buffoons Before you set out on your next Global Discovery Vacations trip there’s more to do than just lock your doors
  • What United Airlines’ Low-Fare Option Means for Air Travel

    You may have seen that United Airlines added a new low-fare option for passengers which has sparked plenty of outrage even from our members on social media But on a broader scale United’s new plan is a sign of how the airline industry is changing which might work out in favor of passengers So let us prepare ourselves for this impending change
  • A Brewed Perspective: Microbreweries and Craft Beers

    Despite the fact that the industry giants still dominate beer sales I am finding more craft beers on shelves than ever These beverages tend to stand out more than their mass-produced counterparts According to the Brewers Association consumers in the States who buy beer spend 21 percent of this money on craft beers and the tourism industry is listening Tourism and microbreweries are closely linked together as these establishments are becoming increasingly popular as attractions As with other locally made products such as coffee or wine craft beers offer visitors a true taste of the local culture through tours and tastings
  • Take Time to Relax During the Holiday

    With parties to attend gifts to buy bank balances to watch trips to plan and everything else that goes with the holidays it doesn’t hurt to slow your roll for a few moments so you can decompress and re-energize Whether you’re on vacation with Global Discovery Vacations or at home holiday time can be stress time and you deserve a little down time We found these quick fixes that can actually help
  • Global Discovery Vacations Review: Dillard, Georgia

    The scenic mountain town of Dillard Georgia puts the Southern charm into scenic outdoor adventures Northern Georgia’s mountain range extends up through North Carolina and eventually leads to Great Smoky Mountain National Park so it’s a vast area with a lot to see Global Discovery Vacations June O gives us our first Member Monday review from Dillard while recapping her stay at Sky Valley Resort
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

    Many of you probably did most of your holiday shopping on Black Friday but in case you’ve procrastinated or can’t decide what to get your loved ones Global Discovery Vacations is here to help If you’re trying to find the perfect holiday gift ideas for the travelers in your life here are some ideas to help you check them off your list
  • Zion and Bryce Canyon: Parks Like No Other

    By pure coincidence I recently visited Cedar Breaks Lodge in Brian Head Utah which Global Discovery Vacations recently featured Allow me to further convince you to explore Utah’s southern spectacles with some first-hand experiences through some of this planet’s most unique landscapes – Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks
  • Discover Orlando Beyond the Parks

    Every time I think of Orlando the thoughts come attached with mouse ears As if the city is just one big collection of amusement park rides costumed characters and souvenir shops That couldn’t be further from the truth In fact beneath Orlando’s flashy façade lies an active city entrenched in tremendous Florida scenery and countless ways to enjoy your stay Here’s where to find the best spots
  • Condo Grocery List: Ingredients You Should Always Have on Hand

    Condominium cooking is arguably the greatest perk to staying in a condo And to make it worthwhile you’ll need to have the right goods on hand All you need is a couple of key ingredients in stock and you can pretty much make anything once you get your main entree which will likely be meat or vegetables Most of these you can bring from your home pantry or you can go shopping while on vacation Either way here are the most versatile ingredients you should have in your condo
  • Discovering Global Discovery Vacations’ Hidden Gem Destinations

    Every destination is known for some attraction amusement parks in Orlando casinos in Las Vegas and any place with a National Park But while those are amazing sights in their own right wouldn’t it be fun to try a path less traveled The United States features a number of lesser known gems all over the place you just have to know where to look So if you’re thinking of adding something different to your Global Discovery Vacations itinerary consider these attractions you may not have heard of

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