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  • What United Airlines’ Low-Fare Option Means for Air Travel

    You may have seen that United Airlines added a new low-fare option for passengers which has sparked plenty of outrage even from our members on social media But on a broader scale United’s new plan is a sign of how the airline industry is changing which might work out in favor of passengers So let us prepare ourselves for this impending change
  • Take Time to Relax During the Holiday

    With parties to attend gifts to buy bank balances to watch trips to plan and everything else that goes with the holidays it doesn’t hurt to slow your roll for a few moments so you can decompress and re-energize Whether you’re on vacation with Global Discovery Vacations or at home holiday time can be stress time and you deserve a little down time We found these quick fixes that can actually help
  • Holiday Gift Ideas for Travelers

    Many of you probably did most of your holiday shopping on Black Friday but in case you’ve procrastinated or can’t decide what to get your loved ones Global Discovery Vacations is here to help If you’re trying to find the perfect holiday gift ideas for the travelers in your life here are some ideas to help you check them off your list
  • Condo Grocery List: Ingredients You Should Always Have on Hand

    Condominium cooking is arguably the greatest perk to staying in a condo And to make it worthwhile you’ll need to have the right goods on hand All you need is a couple of key ingredients in stock and you can pretty much make anything once you get your main entree which will likely be meat or vegetables Most of these you can bring from your home pantry or you can go shopping while on vacation Either way here are the most versatile ingredients you should have in your condo
  • Airports: There’s More Than Meets the Flight

    For most of us airports are places we have to visit in order to get to our final destination Sometimes we spend more time waiting for the next flight than we would like and we need to keep ourselves occupied A growing number of airports is trying to change that image by enticing people to make the airport a destination by itself
  • 6 Things NOT to Do on Your First Cruise

    Experienced cruisers may have a good laugh but it’s no joke to the first-time cruiser when these “don’t do” disasters come between you and the perfect cruise Global Discovery Vacations has found some of the top tips for making your cruise experience the best
  • Fall, Food and Festivals

    The season we now know as fall or autumn used to be known as harvest The Dutch still use the closely related herfst to describe the busiest time of the year for farmers Along with stunning colors and more moderate temperatures fall is a great time to celebrate the bounty of land and sea We handpicked some of the best upcoming food festivals for you in our popular destinations so go ahead and reap the benefits of fall
  • How to Deal with Long Layovers at the Airport

    When traveling by air connecting flights can add significant time to your trip You may be fortunate enough to make it to your next flight without having to wait around for too long but unfortunately there isn’t always the luxury of planning that way So how do you keep yourself occupied Cathy Wunder Vice President of Operations at Global Connections Inc has a healthy way of passing some extra minutes by making sure she gets in her exercise by walking to the gate and using the stairs When it’s time to relax she likes to visit the airline’s airport club for free Wi-Fi snacks and drinks Let’s take a look at some other ideas on how to fill those empty hours
  • Read Up on Vaccines before Traveling

    Whenever you decide to travel overseas vaccinations can be just as important as your passport Some destinations require vaccinations for travelers and other places have specific diseases from which you’ll want to protect yourself If you’re embarking on some international travel in the future make sure your body is ready with these tips
  • Rules of Condo Grilling

    However you decide to use a public grill at your Global Discovery Vacations condo remember that not all the same rules apply as if you were grilling in your backyard If your resort graces you with access to a grill you won’t be the first or the last person to use it These types of grills are generally safe to use but certain courtesies and precautions come in to play
  • How to Stay Up to Date With GDV On Facebook

    Facebook is yet again changing what you see in your news feed and it will make it harder for you to see posts from pages like Global Discovery Vacations But we don’t want you to miss out So if you want to stay on top of travel tips Member Mondays and any specials or new resorts you’ll just have to modify a couple settings
  • Beach vs. Mountain: Which Side are You On?

    There’s no wrong way to vacation As long as you’re having fun and relax it’s time well spent But if you were faced with two polar opposite destinations how would you decide where to go A common vacation conundrum the beach or the mountains Both have their perks but depending on the type of traveler you are one can offer more than the other So our writers made their case for their favorites
  • Save Your Money: Use a Travel Agent

    What would you do with an extra 425 If you’re going on a Global Discovery Vacations trip naturally you want as much money as possible to put toward your trip itself – food souvenirs attractions and more So why lose that money on your travel planning
  • Affordable Vacationing: Grocery Shopping

    One of the many perks of staying in a condo is the ability to make your own tasty dinners saving you money for all the other activities in the area So we thought we’d share a few grocery shopping tips while traveling with Global Discovery Vacations
  • Red Bull Athlete and Dad of Twins Shares 5 Tips for Stress Free Travel

    Traveling with kids in tow is a challenge even for Red Bull Ski Cross athlete Daron Rahlves As the most decorated downhiller in the history of US skiing he travels — a lot And this family man takes his wife and kids with him around the world Over the years he’s learned a few things so we wanted to know how he does it This champion is sharing his top five tips for alleviating stress when traveling with the kids with Global Discovery Vacations members just in time for Father’s Day In his own words
  • Abroad Perspective: Mind Your Vacation Manners

    The moment we get off the plane and set foot in our vacation destination we leave our worries behind just as we should However according to the BoardingArea blog it seems that our worries are not the only things left behind We often leave our manners and good behavior at home too Take a look at these travel tips and before you know it you will be an ambassador of our country all while respecting the people and place you are visiting
  • How to Get the Best Videos Out of Your Smartphone

    Chances are you have a high-definition camera sitting right next to you The ubiquity of smartphones coupled with social media’s embrace of video sharing has created an influx of video content online Hence our Global Discovery Vacations Coolest Customer contest As great as smartphones are for capturing footage a tool is only as good as its user Luckily we have some tips for beginners whether you’re looking to win a cooler or if you just want to record some of your exciting travels

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